Hi, I’m Patricia. Thanks for stopping by.

My purpose, what I am most passionate about, is being a translator (communication with my guides) and using that information to help others in individual intuitive guidance sessions, groups and my writing.

  • The Translator –  I have spent the last three years working to further open my telepathy. To become, as my teacher says, a translator, bringing forth information from our spirit guides. This, I believe, is a gift we all have. Some call it intuition. I work with clients privately and in channeled workshops. This is where I feel most at peace and at home, when I’m connected to my spirit and my guides.
  • The Writer – Writing has been a calling for me for a very long time. I saw my grandfather write as he read his newspaper. He didn’t just flip through it. He studied, underlined, and digested it. Then he cut out the most important articles and pasted them into a notebook where he added his thoughts on each subject. I sat next to him with my colored pencils, eyebrows furled, matching his intensity as I drew the orange I had just eaten for breakfast, documenting my life in my way. It would still be a few years before I learned to write my name. 44 years later I just completed my first book, Seven a Memoir, and am now embarking on this blogging adventure. It looks to me like there is a channeled book in my future. For now I am happily practicing my listening and having fun writing on this site and in my journal!