Hi, I’m Patricia. Thanks for stopping by.

My purpose, what I am most passionate about, is writing, teaching, energy healing and strengthening my telepathy.

  • The Writer – My journey as a writer began as I watched my grandfather, Vovo, get up every morning and read his newspaper. He didn’t just flip through it. He studied, underlined, and digested it. Then he cut out the most important articles and pasted them into a notebook where he added his thoughts on each subject. I sat next to him with my colored pencils and paper, eyebrows furled, matching his intensity as I drew the orange I had just eaten at breakfast. It would still be a few years before I learned to write my name. 44 years later I just completed my first book, Seven a Memoir, and am now embarking on this blogging adventure. I am happiest at my computer typing away.
  • The Teacher – I started teaching when I worked in the not-for-profit world. First I taught GED classes, then job skills. I fell in love with the craft of creating curriculum and engaging students. In 2011 I became a yoga teacher and have since expanded to teaching meditation and wellness workshops. I love working with groups, it lights me up.
  • The Energy Healer & Channel – Soon after I started teaching yoga I noticed a pulsing in my hands as I touched my yoga students during savasana (final relaxation).  After a bit of exploration I learned that I was running energy for relaxation and healing. I have since been trained in Reiki and One Light Healing Touch.
  • The Telepath –  I most recently spent two years working to further open my telepathy. This, I believe, is a gift we all have. Some call it intuition. I work with clients privately and channel workshops. This is where I feel most at peace and at home, when I’m connected to my spirit and my guides.

Ultimately all of my work is channeled which simply means I calm my mind, open myself to receive and listen to my intuition as it guides me to my next word, pose or what’s needed for a healing.