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My sis just sent me the cutest text, asking me to share about the creation of altars.
Altars are central to how I live my life. If my altar is messy or dusty, or I’ve added so many things that it no longer has a theme, I get disoriented.

I spend a lot of time at my main altar. It is at my coffee table which is where Fred and I drink our coffee in the morning, where I meditate, where I pull oracle cards, where I talk to my friends, where I write…it’s where I am right now. This altar is what supports me in my day to day life and the theme is whatever I am working on at a particular moment. Yes, my altars have themes.
Right now, this altar is helping me in receiving abundance. I have a Laxmi statue (goddess of abundance), abundance essential oil, my crystals, and Ganesha (remover of obstacles). Anything in my life that is not feeling abundant (that I need to surrender) has been written on a piece of paper and placed under my Isis statue. Yes, I surrender things to my altar. Isis is a powerful Egyptian Goddess (pictured above) and she is my version of calling in the big guns.
To the right of this altar is a picture of my beloved grandmother and her ashes. She is always watching over me and having her presence there reminds me of that. To the left is my sage and Palo Santo (sage clears the old energy, Palo Santo opens the space for the new to come in). At the center of the altar is always a candle which I burn each morning as I greet the day and myself, when I’m writing, or am in need of support.
I have a second altar in my new writing/yoga room. That one is currently dedicated to holding the magical energy of Taos, mostly because I miss it. The altar cloth (pictured above) was a gift from one of my soul sisters that lives there, and the objects are all from the Taos Pueblo. The flowers and crystal arrangement (also pictured above) are a special birthday gift from my beloved teacher who also lives in Taos.
My third altar space is my dresser top. It is my love altar and is either a complete mess (holds everything from clean laundry, to paper clips and pony tail holders) or, when I clean it, it holds the energy of romance. I have a picture of Fred and a beautiful card he gave me, candles, some Rumi oracle cards , flowers (preferably roses), and my jewelry box. I recently added the four directions to this altar – calling in the North (wind/mind/curiosity) with a feather, the South (water/emotions/innocence and confidence) with some turquoise, the West (earth/body/talents/skills) with a yoni/lingam statue and East (fire/spirit/imagination and vision) with a candle.
The altar pictured above is a traveling altar that I created in Taos. It was the first thing I set up when I arrived at the Airbnb (post bed bugs) and It’s the one that I turned the Airbnb refund over to. It’s central figure is (again with the big guns) Isis, and all my favorite crystals are there, including a crystal wand gifted by another soul sister and a rose quartz yet another soul sister lent me for my trip. You see altars are a way to bring in the energies we need at a particular time. In this traveling altar, I felt these special women and this incredible goddess helping to resolve the situation.
Creating my altars brings beauty into my environment and is a way of connecting to support. I do believe that all of the crystals and deities, the goddesses and oils, my grandmother and the sage and palo Santo, all have power and magic in and of themselves but the biggest power is in my rememberingand releasing to something beyond me.
Sending love,
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