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A Simple Practice

Three weeks ago I woke up feeling crappy. I ate some citrus, made myself a green juice and taught my yoga class. By noon I was on the couch with a fever.  I am not a fever kinda girl. I get the annual cold where I am laid out for a week with a stuffy nose but that’s it.

I spent my days in a fever haze, taking vitamins and hot baths, using a cold compress on my forehead and feet, eating more citrus than I normally eat in an entire year, and yet I was running close to 101 temperatures and every day at around 2pm my fever would spike to 102. After 10 days it was clear I wasn’t getting better. I went to my local urgent care and I found out I had the flu that turned into a pneumonia.

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Your One Amazing Life

My beloved grandmother (Vovo) passed away on Saturday, May 12th, during her early morning bath. It is what I’ve been praying for, a peaceful, easeful transition.
As you can imagine there are many emotions surrounding such a loss. I’ve never experienced anything like it. My grandmother was the very first person to hold me in this world. Above is a picture of us that “appeared” seemingly out of thin air, on my dresser the day I received the call from Edina, her caretaker and my soul sister. I was one in the picture, she was 52. We were besties from the start.

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Is it Spring Yet?

If you are on the east coast like me you may be slowly edging towards the opening of your cave, taking a long stretch, and preparing to re-emerge into the world. I actually wish I was a bear. Imagine going to sleep at the start of winter and just taking a nice long nap until it got warm!

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Beliefs – Are Yours Working For You?



an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.

I’ve read that most of our beliefs are pretty much set by the time we are seven. When I first heard this I was floored and pictured myself, at seven, with my green unicorn t-shirt, running my life….forty years later. Fun coincidence that Seven is the name of my memoir. 

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What I’m Talking About Here is Evolution

I’ve spent all my life either saying nothing or telling it all.

People would piss me off and I would pretend it didn’t happen. That worked for a while, until it didn’t and then the anger, resentment, or disappointment came oozing out. Usually in a manner that lacked grace, through gossip, cheating, distancing, or picking fights.

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