Intuitive Guidance

I am an Intuitive Guide, helping others live from a soul inspired place. I am a translator, bringing forth messages from your spirit guides to assist you in your life.

Sessions will:

 – Give you a broader, zoomed out view of the situations in your life

 – Help you clear old patterns effortlessly

 – Strengthen your connection to the spiritual supports available to you

 – Deepen your ability to hear your intuition and your Souls’ whispers

In sessions we connect to source, creativity, and our deepest truths.  As a result you will feel more trusting, vibrant and things flow with ease as you evolve.

You will walk away with a clearer understanding of how your life is unfolding, a profound sense of support, a closer relationship to your spiritual guides, and practical tools to deepen that connection.

Ready to book your session? Email me at


Single session – 60 minutes – $100 – 140 sliding scale

Get to know me special – 50% off the top rate – your first session ($70.00)

Need a little more support? Book a Pyramid Package – 3 sessions for $210 – to be used within a 3 month time period.