Intuitive Guidance Sessions

I am a translator, bringing forth messages from your spirit guides to assist you in your life journey in very practical ways.

There is an entire universe of support available to. This is a reality that we sometimes touch upon in meditation, or in loss of a loved one, or in the experience of birthing a child. Moments when we realize there is much more to life than meets the eye.

In private sessions we tap into the wisdom of our guides (our team, our ancestors, angels) and, when needed, create space for healing.

This connection allows you to experience a deeper connection to source, creativity, and your deepest truth.  As a result you will feel more trusting, vibrant and things flow with ease as you evolve.

You will walk away with a clearer understanding of how your life is unfolding, a profound sense of support, a closer relationship to your spiritual guides, and practical tools to deepen that connection.

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60 minutes – $100-175 sliding scale

New Years Special! Book before March 1st.
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