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Is it Spring Yet?

If you are on the east coast like me you may be slowly edging towards the opening of your cave, taking a long stretch, and preparing to re-emerge into the world. I actually wish I was a bear. Imagine going to sleep at the start of winter and just taking a nice long nap until it got warm!

Alas, I am a human, and a lazy human at that, so winter tends to kick my ass.  Winter has a heavy energy to it, in Ayurveda it’s called kapha. It’s a pull, a slowing down, a sluggishness. And of course part of the gift of winter is the ability to take a break. But…sometimes I can go a little too far in.

This winter I did something different. I hired a personal trainer. Now let me rewind a bit. I’m not a “gym person.” I don’t mean I don’t like the gym, I actually love it. I mean I don’t go…cause, well, the lazy thing. Anyway, I joined a gym in June of last year in anticipation of winter. I didn’t go for a few months and then by some miracle I walked in there a few times in December and got on the treadmill. I saw a personal trainer that seemed nice. I liked how she was working with her client.

Side note: Saw a hilarious Jimmy Fallon skit where he writes his thank you notes. This one was, “Thank you personal trainers for being paid to count to ten.”

I hired her, Sharon is her name. I was too cheap to get the full hour sessions so I booked 5 thirty minutes sessions and told her right off the bat, “I’m lazy and I’m doing this to get my ass off the couch at least 30 minutes a week.” She smiled politely.

So first thing. Thank God I was cheap because there is no way I could work out with her for a full hour. Seriously. And that ass kicking once a week made a huge difference in my energy level and willingness to exercise on the days I didn’t see her. I went to yoga, walked in the woods, and even went to the gym a few times without her.

It’s not that I didn’t have my lazy Netflix days, sure I did. But overall I moved a lot more than in previous years and now I’m going into Spring with a lot more motivation, vibrancy and ease.

Notes for thriving next winter:

– Get a sun lamp. I am VERY affected by sun light. I had the gift of two trips this winter, one to Rio to visit my grandma and one to Costa Rica with friends and the difference in how I felt in a place with sunshine (it wasn’t just cause I was on vacation) was unbelievable to me. It was like feeling 200 pounds lighter!

– Booking Sharon again – 30 minutes a week 🙂

Would love to hear what works for you!





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