Soul Practice Class

Soul Practice

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Class investment $33

We are in a time of immense change and activation on our planet. This energy is serving as a spotlight, shining on the places where our lives are no longer in resonance with our Soul’s calling.

As a result many are feeling lost, overwhelmed, and questioning relationships, jobs, living situations, and more.

In this workshop I teach you about a tried and true daily practice I have been using for years. It has supported my journey of personal change and activation, and as a result I have stepped more deeply into my purpose in the world. I even wrote a book in a year using this tool!

Soul Practice will activate your body, calm your mind and connect you to your creative flow.

You will arrive in a magical place – awake to your soul’s calling and connected to spirit.

With the recent Coronavirus situation here in the U.S., in my beloved Brasil, and around the globe, I have a few offerings for you.


Golden White Light Meditation – Use it any time to clear yourself and send love and healing to the planet – here’s the link

Meditação de Luz Branca e Dourada – pode ser usada quando voce precisar de uma limpeza energética, acalmar o seu sistema nervoso, e quando quiser mandar amor e luz para o nosso mundo – aqui esta o link

Sending love to all beings,

Mandando amor para todos os seres,

~ Patricia ~