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My House is a Freakin’ Mess

I woke up this morning and freaked out. My house is a complete mess. I’m talking a shit show with piles on every available surface.

I immediately turned into the Tasmanian devil, running around picking things up, putting things away, and yelling at Fred, my husband,

How did things get this bad? This is ridiculous.

Honey, the house has been like this for weeks.

As I sat on the edge of the bed, pile of crap in hand, I realized he was right. Between my ten day cold and my trip to Rio, I had let things go and I hadn’t noticed.

And now, I was sitting here completely overwhelmed by it all. But the truth is it took at least a month for us to get here. Realistically it’ll take more than the half hour I have this morning to get us out.

This sense of overwhelm pops up in many areas of my life. It seems I have a built in forgetter about how to take care of myself. For weeks I forget about meditation, or exercise, or eating well. And then, I wake up one morning and freak out that things are out of hand.

What’s my antidote?


  • Calm down! I have to talk myself down off the ledge. Put things in perspective. Is it the end of the world? Really?
  • Forgive. I have to forgive myself and be kind and gentle. It’s really the only way to stay sane.
  • Meditate. I actually stopped (was Fred’s idea) mid Tasmanian devil moment and meditated. That’s where the idea for this post came in, share this moment, everyone goes through this.
  • Let go of perfection. I soooooo want to be perfect. I want the perfect body (which in my mind looks like a small framed 20 year old with a tiny ass – not in this life time!), the perfect house, the perfect …. you fill in the blank. Not realistic girl. Let that go.
  • the Magic 20 – this is my favorite tool right now! I set my timer for 20 minutes and take some actions in the direction I want to go towards. For example, I haven’t written in a few weeks so now it feels like I can’t write ever again! My timer is next to me  (5 minutes and 44 seconds to go). I took 20 minutes and cleaned my altar. Tomorrow I will set the timer and dust the house. I use this for everything – dishes, meditating (although I usually meditate for 8 or 10 minutes), napping, vacuuming, all of it.

What has you in Tasmanian devil mode? And what actions can you take towards calm, forgiveness, acceptance and action?

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