Private Channeled Sessions

“I have been lucky enough to connect with Patricia for energy healing. I have a brain injury and a session with Patricia clears my mind and refreshes my spirit. It has been the most effective treatment for me. She is warm, generous, and incredibly intuitive. Each time I leave her, I feel relaxed ­centered in mind and body. Working with Patricia helps me meet the demands of my life. I highly recommend her!”

–Ruth (client)

There is an entire universe of support available to us. It consists of our spiritual guides who support and love us completely. This is a reality that we sometimes touch upon in meditation, or in loss of a loved one, or in the experience of birthing a child. Moments when we realize there is much more than meets the eye.

In private sessions we tap into the wisdom of our guides (our team, our ancestors, angels) through channeling and, when needed, create space for energy healing to take place. I provide private sessions for people looking for support on their life journey.

Channeling practices allow us to experience a deeper connection to source, creativity, and our deepest truth.  As a result we feel more trusting, vibrant and things flow with ease as we evolve.

You will walk away with a clearer understanding of how your life is unfolding, a profound sense of support, a closer relationship to your spiritual guides, and practical tools to deepen that connection.

energy healing

  • At times there is a need to clear, strengthen or support the energy (chakra) system. This can be done in both in-person and long distance sessions.
  • Healing is any activity that increases communication between one’s body and spirit, allowing us to move to greater levels of self-acceptance, integration and wellness.
  • This is an ancient practice integral to many cultures around the world. It involves sending healing energy through the laying on of hands, and is currently practiced in numerous different styles including One Light Healing Touch and Reiki, both methods I am trained in.
  • We all have energy flows coursing through and around us. When these flows become obstructed we encounter physical, mental and spiritual imbalances.
  • Healing sessions remove these blockages and restore us to greater levels of wellness and balance. Many people find they become more open, experience greater clarity, and feel they are more able to fulfill their purpose for being.

Want to know more? Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation to explore if this is the right fit for you.