Success at Having a Cold: 101

I want to be successful, the best really, at everything I do. Sometimes I am, sometimes I’m not. If you ask my husband I have mastered the art of certain things like lollygagging, making soups, and shenanigans (yes lallygagging and shenanigans are quite different things).

And now (drum roll please) I think I have mastered the art of having a cold!

When I was younger, as a kid and a teen, I was great at it. I loved staying home sick. I often pretended to be sick so I could enjoy those luxurious hours of television and junk food. Every cell in my body jumped for joy when I heard the door lock as the grown ups left for their day. Freedom, to do nothing.

In my twenties, my most successful lallygagging and shenanigan years (despite what hubby might tell you – he didn’t know me then) this love of staying home sick continued.

Then the thirties hit and suddenly I wanted to be successful at work. It was like a switch got flipped and I went from being a “get paid as much as you can for looking busy” paper shuffler to a “I’m going to be the star of the show!”

I became:

suc cess ful


vigorous, triumphant, receiving: a minimum of 100 new emails in your inbox a  day; raises; and more responsibility than you can handle. Staying  awake for hours in the middle of the night worrying about deadlines.

In my success I forgot how to rest and take care of myself. We are not living in a world that (for the most part) honors self care, which is a requirement for success in having a cold or virus.

Luckily I’ve been practicing my lallygagging and shenanigans the past few years and they have helped me get back to self care. Here’s what I’ve learned to do:

  • Surrender – at the first sign of a cold (the tickle in the throat, not feeling quite right stage) I  cancel plans and get on my couch
  • Supplements – I can’t give you a prescription – it’s a bit of trial and error but the things that work for me are: diffusing essential oils (eucalyptus and pine); cold and sinus blaster which is an herbal spray with things like horseradish root and garlic (OMG tastes gross but is amazing); liquids – lemon water, and tea (for my sore throat I’ve been using rose hip and nettle. Also peppermint and sage. Licorice root is recommended but I hate it); and my multi vitamin.
  • Food – veggie soups, oranges, lemons, berries, and shakes (with Hawaiian spirulina, barley grass powder, chaga mushroom).
  • Naps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Movies – romantic comedies please! I make sure to watch things that uplift me  – has to have a happy ending! None of this “leaves you to figure out the ending” crap. They have to end up together and happy!
  • Hot baths – especially if the cold starts to get into my sinuses
  • Netti pot – for sinuses
  • Little accomplishments – since I am still a to do list girl at heart, it’s important for me to set up moments of accomplishment. Today’s accomplishment schedule: write blog, organize recycle stuff, throw out the garbage, do the dishes, bathe. (I came back to edit the blog later and have done all of these things – yay!)
  • S.O.S. – at the first sign of beating myself up I send out an S.O.S. I call or text a good friend! No wallowing alone on the couch.

Wishing you success but no cold 🙂



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