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What Can I Do?

I’ve been sitting with this question a lot as things intensify with the Coronavirus, . And when I hear my heart answer, “Call x and check in on them,” or “Make a donation to X,” my thinking brain jumps in with, “That’s not enough!”
It’s hard to witness suffering.

As an ethical vegan (someone who doesn’t eat animal products or wear leather because I don’t want to harm the animals) this is a reality, connection to another’s suffering, I live with every day. When people ask why I don’t eat eggs or drink milk, I try to explain it as best I can. When I see a cow or a chicken I don’t see a being that is different than a human, or a cat, or a dog. I just see a living being.

I don’t think everyone needs to be vegan – I’m not here to try and convince anyone of anything and I don’t even think I’m “right.” This is just my perspective, one perspective in 7.7 billion (which is approximately how many people are on our planet).

I bring it up because It’s heart breaking to witness suffering. To really feel it in our own skin. This heart break opens us to compassion. I believe we are all being opened up. And once our hearts are cracked open, the compassion spreads far and wide. And the more our compassion spreads the less separation we feel. No us, and them. We see our commonalities as opposed to our differences. We all breathe, we all want to be loved, we all deserve fresh food and clean water. We are all precious, every single one of us.

If like me, you are having moments of feeling like what you can do is “not enough”, let’s consider this. There are 582 of us reading this newsletter. If we each do one thing today, call one person, give someone some love, that’s 582 acts of kindness. And if we each donate $10 to a cause we care about, that’s $5,820 going out to support those in need. That’s not nothing, that’s something. 

One of the ways I’m being called to contribute is by offering some much needed clearing and strengthening to our nervous systems through gentle movement and meditation classes. Join me Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:00am. Just sign up for my newsletter and you’ll receive the info each week.

Also – if you want to send love and light to the world using a guided meditation, I created one for you. Click here to go to a Golden White Light meditation.

Don’t forget to breathe.



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