Hi, I’m Patricia. Thanks for stopping by.

My purpose is helping women live in their purpose, ease and flow!

I am a translator, able to communicate with spirit guides, ancestors and other forms of spiritual support.

I share my work in the world through private Intuitive Guidance sessions for individuals and couples, small group workshops and retreats, and my writing.

Here’s a bit of my story –

My life changed significantly in 2011. I was living in New York City at the time and working at a very fast paced non-profit. I spent my days trying to manage my impossible email in-box and traffic.  I loved my career and the life I had built but it was as if everything around me was moving at 200 miles per hour and suddenly I could only do 50. 

I had completed a yoga teacher training in Woodstock New York, in a beautiful mountain area with the intention of deepening my practice and possibly teaching in twenty years, once I retired.

Then the synchronicities began. Midway through my training my husband and I found a perfect little weekend cabin. Soon my soul longed to there all the time.

It made no sense to leave the successful career and my high paying job. I had worked really hard for it all, going to college for my BA in my thirties, taking unpaid internships, and putting in long hours climbing the ladder within my organization. But the longing to simplify my life wouldn’t go away so I took the leap.. 

I moved upstate and started teaching yoga and wellness workshops. A new life unfolded. I continued training, taking my 300 hour advanced yoga teacher certification and a year long energy healing school which led to a life changing three year telepathy training. This brought me to my current service in the world. 

The way I see it I am a translator. Whether I’m working with groups, in individual sessions, or in my writing, my job is to let go of my beliefs and perspectives and  listen deeply. Then the information can flow through from my spirit guides, giving a broader perspective on our lives and our purpose.

In order to access our deep soul guidance and connect to the lives we are meant to live, we must be able to hear. Listening requires a calm nervous system, presence, and patience. In the busy-ness of life this can be hard. We feel the longing for something so when we see a shiny object – a car, a house, a person…we think, “That’s it!” It satisfies, for a while, and then poof, satisfaction is gone and we go in search of the next shiny object. I think many of us are stuck in a loop. And for many, that longing is to go deeper, for stepping onto our souls path.

As we step onto our true path we can bring our gifts, our loving touch into the world. The more of us that connect to this, the more love we bring to the planet and all beings that live upon her.